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Vancouver Birth Photographer

When this little love decided it was time for her to arrive, she wasted absolutely no time in getting here. I touched base with this family in the afternoon to see how they were doing, dropped off a tens machine, joked about how we might see each other again the following day, commented on the beautiful weather and headed home. Things stayed quiet until all of a sudden I got a call that they were leaving for the hospital and I should meet them there. Luckily I got there as quick as I could as this beautiful babe was born very shortly after I arrived. Look at that incredible molding on her head. It shows that her head was slightly upward as she was making her way through, rather than her chin tucked under. Amazing how their bodies adapt! My favourite moment from this birth story was when dad hopped up into bed and this family that is now three, got to snuggle together at the beginning of this sweet new chapter.

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