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Family Stories

I love starting off a session by telling people, just go and have fun with your family. Let’s document you being able to be truly in the moment with the ones you love. This might look like capturing the excitement and anticipation of being pregnant, bringing home a new babe for the first time, a morning exploring in nature (either in some far afield wilderness or on a walk in the neighbourhood or in your own backyard), sharing food together, dancing in the bedroom or sitting somewhere sweet to watch a sunset. So many parents have reels and reels of photos of the children, I'd love for you to be in the frame with them. It doesn't have to be anything fancy, no forced posing, just love and connection in the extraordinary ordinary. 

There isn't any such thing as an ordinary life - L.M. Montgomery
I didn't realize how special this was going to be for me. It came at the best time. With Penelope growing and changing, I sort of lost myself as a mother. But all of these pictures truly reminded me how special she truly is, and how important our bond as mother and daughter is. It really grounded me when I needed it to. - Yary
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